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I am trainer of Aplus, MCSE, RHCE subjects, teaching from past 6 years.i dont want to stay as faculty more,as i like to work in real time. Issue is faculty experience will not count, now what i have to do to get
good and stable job as System Administrator. ( i am expecting the legel way from u )

sainath's Advice on Sunday, December 06, 2009 :
You are right in saying that the faculty experience will not directly help you get onboard directly as a System Administrator. However, you have to make a start somewhere - the more you delay, the worser will be the problem. I would suggest that you target the 1st job in an organization where the next 2 levels of growth / promotion towards becoming a System Admin are well-defined. Based on your performance you will then be able to advance faster, you can target a role change in every annual appraisal cycle. If the targeted organization is growing fast, this time lag can be reduced further but on-job performance is the key.

Just get started in a job which involves practical use of your skills, and just ignore the rejections, if any, as this is an inevitable part of a job search and nobody is an exception.

Also, try and get your hands dirty in some kind of project work which you can do outside of your normal job timings. This may also help you in raising your practical skills.


Sainath Sherigar,

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