need help to choose right path - .Net or Java

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sir, i m completing my in IT this year. i have > 70% marks in but in 10+2 i dont have 60%. thats why i m not able to seat of any MNC's campus recruitment. now i decided to enter in small companies to get experience to join MNCs. but i am really confused to choose right technology i.e .net or java. i did my industrial training & college project on .net. but every one suggested to go for java rather than .net & Java developer are the well paid developer than .net developers. but they also said its difficult to get job in java than .net. is it true ? So what are the suggestions, which is better to learn, ASP.NET or Java for me to get a job in small company? and which has good opening for freshers? plz sir ji help me....

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, July 22, 2012 :

Your decision to start small is correct. Sometimes, it is helpful because you are expected to do everything in smaller companies which are not too tied down with bureaucratic procedures which is of great help in the long run. 

Both .Net and Java are good options, but you need to check where your interests are. In either case, possessing surface knowledge in either of the paths will not be of much use. IT space has undergone significant correction now, and one needs to possess in-depth knowledge and skills to land the bigger breaks. My advice is that whichever area you choose, stick to it and build strong skills over a period of time.

Sainath S,

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