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I am currently Sotware engineer working with a reputed MNC in mumbai. I have 3 years of experience.
I am into development.

Offlately, I found that I do not have enough aptitude to deal with complex tasks at work. I try my best but it takes time to arrive at the expected result. In this I loose my peace of mind and I am stressed and feel depressed.

I do not want to have a continuos stressful life everyday. Instead Can you suggest me any good alternate carrer option rather than Coding in IT which has a nice scope in the industry? If Yes, from where can I pursue it?

I am sure there will be many good career options in IT/non IT which r also very much rewarding.

I do not want to repent later hence want to atleast start stepping towards more manageable goals.

I hope you understand what I mean to say.

Kindly help.

Awating for your favourable response.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, July 22, 2012 :

You are right - the beauty of the IT space is that there are indeed many options available. If you are experiencing a lot of stress and conflict, then I believe coding is not the right area for you. As I have already stated on the forum today, please check the below link for other options available to you. Please do sufficient research on which option suits you best - if you are still not clear I would encourage you to continue this thread and we will be happy to share our perspective with you. 

Sainath S,

Anonymus said on Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank you for your valuable response.

Frankly speaking at this very moment I am totally confused and panicked. I really cant figure out what suits me the best.

I read your several posts wherein you have suggested few options like VSTS, PMP, ALM etc.. but to puruse these options is 3 yrs of experience sufficient?

Secondly, What about System Analyst / Business Analyst what excatly role we need to play in these options?

I feel I am stuck or else I am panicking myself for no reason. But, as I said earlier I really need some breather.

As for PMP and other options which institutes provide these courses? Can we pursue it on Sat/Sun? what is their duration?

Sometimes, I feel so helpless that I just cant move ahead and feel totaly depressed; In such situation I think of career switch but then again I do not want to join at a lesser package because of irrelevant experience.

Also, what kind of JD we need to look for while searching for the job for PMP, ALM, System Analyst profile??

One last point Can I come out of this??

Highly confused... :(

It would be really kind if you could please help me to solve this puzzels in my mind..

Anonymus said on Monday, July 23, 2012

More things to add.
Could you please give me more in depth details for SQA/ALM/Auditing jobs etc and their scope?

Also, I am a software developer with 3 years experience. So, getting into SQA/ALM/Auditing a worth option?

Do I need to do any certifications for SQA? If yes, Do I need to be a tester for it??


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