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I have 6+ years of experience in .NET in a single company.
I have mainly worked on company specific tools and have got less of dot net exposure.
I have not done any certification or I am not interested in core coding.
I want to change the company. Software work that involves less of coding and more of configuration suits me best.
I have developed confidence problem and depression due to not finding a proper solution.
Please suggest me what options do I have with the current scenario ?


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, July 22, 2012 :

Since you have clearly expressed that you are not interested in coding,you can explore the below options:

  1. Maintenance DBA role - although this role does not involve much of real-time coding, you still need to possess a strong knowledge of database administration as it is a role with high responsibility attached.
  2. SQA - as the software industry matures, greater emphasis is now being placed on quality and good roles are coming up in the QA area as well
  3. Data warehousing - this role also involves possessing strong knowledge in the field. However, since you have stated that you are good at tools and configuration management this may just suit you
  4. ALM (application life cycle management)  - this is a rapidly growing role in the industry right now. Working in this area demands that you have a strong knowledge of ALM tools like VSTS(Visual Studio Team System), etc. Solid knowledge of the tool/s and it's capabilities will ensure success. Not much of coding skill is needed here, you need to be very good in implementing the tool features and administration. Every serious project development has an ALM expert in the team now.
Your lack of confidence is only due to the fact that probably you are unaware that other options are available. I strongly encourage you to explore these options, I am sure that you will find  something that suits you.

Sainath Sherigar,

Techgd said on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello Sainath,

Thanks for the suggestions.
I can look into options 3 and 4.
My next question would be how good or easy it would be to shift from .Net background to Data warehousing/Business Intelligence ?
I was thinking of an option on Sharepoint 2010.
I will also look into the option of ALM.
My only concern is that I cant shift to any of these fields in my current company. So if you can briefly tell me how to shift to different profile it would be very helpful.


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Posted by: Vakulkumarmore on: 10/11/2012 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] [MVP] | Points: 25
Hi Techgd,

From the experience and familiarity you have in .NET, it would be a good idea to work towards SharePoint.

There are many roles in SharePoint even, you can be a good administrator (provided you have strong interest in Networking and administration) as you already thought about SharePoint. Though SharePoint development includes coding, it's not as intense as in .NET projects (again it depends on the company) unless the company which hired you wants every custom coded instead of Out-of-Box features available.

It would take 4-6 months to completely understand SharePoint and work on some projects.

Hope this helps.


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