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I Have Completed my BSC in Mathematics and My Scores from Xth, XIIth and Degree are in Range of 50% to 60%. and There are no gaps between the education. after degree i have joined software company and Presently i have an experience of 5 years in .NET. and i got a New Job of Post Bussiness Analyst.

I want to know is that good thing to Join as a Bussiness Analyst so that my future will be safe and secure. and what will be the things which i have to do so that i can make a strong skills in that field.

Rajesh's Advice on Monday, September 17, 2012 :
Business Analyst is a good job and involves travel as well (well ofcourse depends on the company).  The following are the basic skills that will be helpful in performing your duty in a much better way.

- Excellent written and oral communication skill (you can polish your skills, if required).
- A bit of project management skills
- Understanding of use cases, and know how to document them.
- There are BA certification available as well.
- Understand some well known domain and be familiar with business terms related to domains.  For e.g. Finance, Operations, Sales, etc.
-  Capturing requirements with all edge cases (preferably), from a business requirement perspective.

All the best.

Jagdish.Junjur said on Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank you for a Valuable Response.

I am Got a Domain in Medical and Company is sify corporation.

Ya i got to know about certification. can you recommend any certifications stages or levels. and also let me know about SAS.

is that good if i do SAS??

Rajesh's Advice on Monday, September 17, 2012 :
A better alternative would be get a management degree by either partime or online in business management/administration.  This will be beneficial in the long run.  

In the meantime once you get some good foundational experience in BA, you can think for certification.

Jagdish.Junjur said on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

is that good if i do a MBA Full time joining in any College. in which filed of MBA is Good for Bussiness Analyst.

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