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Respected Sir

This is Dinesh Kumar sir I have done MCA from U.P. Technical university in 2005 and

after that I complete .Net course from Delhi Sir I have done jobs in two or three small IT companies. but always there was

problem with me that I did not get any kind of help to improve myself in development so that I change myself to teaching line .

sir in 2009 I joined private university as a lecturer in CS/IT dept. also I joined M. Tech (CS ) regular same university and now I complete my M. Tech

but sir I want to change in IT line again in the field of Asp.Net using C#. I am feeling not well in teaching because here there is no growth sir there is 4- 5 years gap in my career so kindly suggest me what I should to do. and how it possible for me.

kindly help me.

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 :

Since academically you have enough qualification, spend sometime in building real softwares.  The best way to start would be as part of your teaching activity initiate a real software building among your students and open source it.  A couple of projects done in this manner and you are good to go.  Your confidence will build up and you kinda get real experience in software development as well.

Please ensure when you start this project, make it as much real as possible i..e
- gather the requirements
- plan the schedule
- design and develop
- unit test and integration test
- documentation
- use a source control or distributed source control like git to host your project
- choose your choice of development tools like, c#, jquery, mvc etc.

Read development blogs, follow some really good opensource projects, and consistently doing this will take a long way in to your development career.

All the best.

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Hey Dinesh,

I have had friends who were professors in the Universities and are Team Leads now in reputed companies. There is a huge scope for lecturers and you have already done M.Tech.

Coming to the action items: Rajesh has given you a very good advice. Adding to that, if the college you work has IEEE society, participate in it and work with the students and develop projects which are useful for the local community lie websites or some application which a non-profit organization can use.

Always, start the career with a small or startup company. Though you have less salary you attain the skills which will be handy in long run.
If you are looking for specifically in ASP.NET and C#, rather than going for training materials try to work on the project with students. There are lots of resources. Don't be disheartened and keep working while you are a lecturer. You have lots of free time where you can work on certifications and those help too.


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