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I am 28 (m) did my BCA(2002), PGDCA(2006) worked as freelancer Hardware/Software engineer(repairing Pc kind of work) presently job less(1 yr), looking for a great advice to channelize my careen, worked hard(learned myself) all the .NET related technology(C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript etc..) never executed a single project but planning to do so. My Profile is not good enough to fetch me a job so I need your suggestion.

Should i go for MCSE, or fake exp or anything which you suggest.

Thanks a LOT for reading my mail

P.S : I have send a query earlier but there was no reply I Hope to get on this time

Extracts from your earlier queries:
I really want to get help from someone to shape my attitude and focus because I think I lack them both,

I was unable to complete my M.C.A(IGNOU) (I suddenly lost interest as people around me started misguiding me). I was always an average guy, I am logically week(not at all good at solving simple problems in maths) the good is I am stubborn to things I cannot understand I usually keeps trying hard to understand them but never quits. I made myself quite knowledgeable enough to help my friends those who are studying their M.C.A.

sainath's Advice on Sunday, December 13, 2009 :

I would not recommend the programming path to you since you have stated that you are logically weak - usually people good at Maths do well in programming since they are used to problem solving. However, quite a lot of software development today is tool based - no direct programming is required. However, a logical head is still required.

Secondly, I see a clear lack of focus in your approach. You are trying to learn new skills based on the market requirement without matching the same against your abilities / existing skills. This is not a good approach as you will keep oscilllating from one thing to the other learning nothing in the process.

Evaluate yourself first - what are your strengths and weaknesses? Always try to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

From your profile and based on your past experience, the only job which you can possibly target right now is that of a desktop engineer. Agreed, you are 28,missed completing M.C.A. etc but the past cannot be changed and a fresh start has to be made somewhere. And the 1st step in anything starts at the lowest level - you cannot skip steps if you wish to build your career on a strong foundation. I have seen people skip steps, rise to high levels in their careers and eventually collapse. The reason - you cannot build a skyscraper on a weak foundation. Have you noticed - creating the foundation takes the longest amount of time, the actual building comes up pretty fast in comparison. It's a law of nature. There is nothing dishonorable / demeaning in starting off in a humble fashion. Doing MCSE will certainly increase your chances in this area.

Set a small but strong goal of getting into a job - there are enough openings available in this area right now. Once you are employed, your thinking will settle down and you will be able to think long-term more clearly. You will no longer be reacting to events as you are now. I have directlly helped a person to move from being a desktop engineer to becoming a Unix system admin in a period of 4-5 years and he is doing exceedingly well in his career right now. He has a very good attitude towards work, always willing to help end users, kept learning whenever he got a chance, kept completing relevant certifications, kept approaching others who were better off than him for advice. When there was eventually an opening for a junior admin - he was automatically nominated and got selected. So a good attitude definitely elevates you to a higher altitude in your career. At the same time, a bad attitude will ensure that people avoid you like the plague - it can also lead to a higher number of job rejections.

"The door to self-improvement only opens from within."
    - Burke Hedges

"You can get better.... or you can get bitter."
    - Anonymous

UnKnown said on Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you very much for advising but, now I am completely confused I really want to excel in my career but don't know how, I have invested loads of time learning these technologies. You said I must go for a system admin kind of a job, now if I start all over again I don't know where will I end up. I feel I just ended my career by my own hands.

Still, As you suggest I have quite a few friends of mine working as system administrator but are paid very less only around 5k-10k though having 2 years of experience. Sir, please take a close look at my profile it's only BCA and PGDCA which I have done. To become a successful System Administrator or anything similar what job prerequisites r required. Do they prefer BE or MCA more than us if yes then in which case I believe I won't stand a change to attend any interview.

Anyhow, I just want to do something which will fetch me a good career, I know what I lack one is "Clear Goals" and the other is "Clear Thinking to achive them" I am glad that you people are trying to help me and many others like me THANKS A LOT FOR THAT.

I also want your suggestion on which certification to go for like RedHat Linux Certification or MCSE but they are all super tough I don't know whether will I be able to do it or not. I just feel like a looser(the biggest of all) I really want to be in a good job having a bit good salary and good working hrs (I believe every one wants the same and I am no exception) + lots and lots of knowledge. I shall try my dying best efforts to do something which will change my career.

Deep Regards,
(I apologies for not disclosing my name)

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