want to switch to Indian MNC s/w. need advice

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Dear All,

I have programming experience of 6+ years, but not in the same field. Lets say
first 1 years: .NetCF windows mobile programming. [Midsize company]
next 1.5 years: iPhone Programming in Object C, Xcode [Midsize company]
Next3.5 years: .Net Web applications not too techincal in development, Since I am working in onsite. Roles like deployment,maintaince and admin.[an Big NGO, Service based - reason cant leave, salary is good enough]

Now I want to get back to India, has to look for an job, I prefer to go .Net web application.
My Expectation:
Must to get in good and big company like TCS,Wipro etc., for long term peaceful service.[Since, moreover settlement is done in Onsite opportunity]

I can sense that, I had missed the techincal part when i stay in onsite. I need to get back to stream line especially .Net web apps.
I dont know to which position, I have to try Like TL or senior developer?
what are steps as I have to proceed for achieving this Goal?

I have bunch of questions to ask, So I started from this queries.

Rajesh's Advice on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 :

Sometimes it may happen when changing lines or roles, you may need to start as a fresher.  If you are looking for senior developer then you must atleast have about 3 years of core development experience.  Please note experiences can be faked but expectations and results can't be.

Since you are already in some touch to technical thing, the only thing that matters is practice and getting in regular coding habit for next 6 months of tools/language of your choice (ASP.NET/mvc, c#, jquery, javascript, wcf, sql server.  This is the most widely used combination).  

Daily spend atleast 8 to 10 hours coding.  Get your hands dirty.  At the end you will be pretty comfortable.  Once you have gained the required skills, build your portfolio, based on your experience, and you can get a decent entry into the field.

Please note sometimes only 3 months will all be required to get into the flow, it all depends on to what level you are passionate about development.

All the best.

Mm_Dotnetfunda said on Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Rajesh,

Thanks for the reply and really its an eye opener for me.
i want to know the decent job in the terms of salary?
If possible:can you mention the topics in .Net to prepare?

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