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I'm from India doing my master's here in Malaysia. After my arrival I found that the standards here are not good, i got no other option except completing my course. Meanwhile I decided to improve my skills and get myself some certifications. I stalled in between ITIL and CAPM by PMI. which certification is best to get a job in India? I came to know that CAPM is not well recognized in India. Is that true? what's the Job prospects for Prince2? Is it valued more than CAPM in India?
Which area would be best to do my dissertation? ITIL or Project management?
What are opportunities for ITIL certified people? what is the scope at present? will it help me to earn a descent salary at least 50,000 p.m? My masters and experience of an year will help in landing my self in a good position? do they recruit freshers into Project management office? (with one of the above certifications). Please help me in this issue.

Sainath's Advice on Monday, January 28, 2013 :

First and foremost, you need to get the correct perspective. Any certification by itself cannot guarantee a job. The industry evaluates a resume based on many criteria, some of which are mentioned below :
  • Fundamental educatonal qualifications
  • Core job skills (technical and non-technical)
  • Relevant industry experience and domain knowledge
  • Certifications, etc

As a value-add, certifications are a must-have but they cannot be a basis for getting good breaks.
Between, CAPM and ITIL, you need to firstly be absolutely clear on what you are planning to do.
  • ITIL - is all about service delivery
  • PMP - is all about project management
CAPM - is an entry level certification. On an obvious point it will have lesser weightage considering the level of experience of the candidates who aim to do CAPM.

Given the fact that you possess 1 year of work experience should help you make a good start but please be patient as like everyone else, you will also need to set realistic expectations and go through the natural learning cycle till you reach your desired position.

Sainath S

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