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Hello Sir,
I have done B.Sc(Chem, Bot, Zoo)
I am 31, and currently working as a Sr. Workflow executive with a medical transcription cum software development company for 6 years, before that I was working as a Sr. Lecturer for 5 years for a local computer institute in my village called Jamkhed, dist. A.Nagar. I had to start earning to support my family first that is why I could not think of a pro

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, July 08, 2013 :
Even at the age of 31 and after going through challenging life, you are still exploring about career is really appreciable matter. For many persons, the drive is lost at this age. Given your qualification and versatile experience, you would definitely come good in whatever you do and this includes software development which is largest employer in INDIA and offers better compensations. Remember, you may be treated as nothing more than fresher for this and this doesn't come easily for experience guys.

Changing career at this juncture needs be seen from following angles
1. Age and energy
2. liabilties - current and future
3. Opportunities at current occupation- could you start business on your own
4. Penchant and liking- generally the liking/interest rather than any particular stream could being more reqards and satisfaction

It is definely one's own decision to switch career, think of other alternatives like
1. Business analysis adn domain experts- there are good organizations who always need specialist in domain and you can explore for Chem/Bot.Zoo
2. Process or workflow- bigger organizations have these areas where process/workflow resources are needed.

So in nutshell, think holistically, weigh your options, explore and research further  on different streams in IT field (need not be software development)to plunge in. 
Pl. keep in mind that this needs to be very informed decision.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vishwas

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