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Hi I am 5.5 years of experience in .net technology. I have worked MS techs like MVC 3, WPF, WCF , Prism etc.
Currently I am working in a kolkata based MNC comp.
Recently I have received an offer from a small company (Kolkata based).The work is on Azure and here they provide me more than 30 % hike from my present salary.
Now I want to know should I take this offer?
What is the futur

Sainath's Advice on Thursday, July 25, 2013 :

You will face this situation many times in your career based on your current accomplishments. The fact is, an established MNC, while providing you a good income and relatively higher job security may not always be a fast mover when it comes to adopting the latest technologies. Alternatively, you may not be lucky enough to be working in an  Account which uses latest technologies as the account client may not be receptive to the same. Given the fact, smaller companies in order to lure good candidates always offer significant salary hike coupled with the opportunity to work in the latest technology. Whenever you evaluate such an offer, please make it a point to analyze the offer and the company in detail before jumping to accept the job offer. Please check the link below, while you may not need to do all the steps, some steps may make sense to do a proper due diligence before accepting the offer.

Cloud computing is here to stay - all the major IT companies have their cloud offerings already in place. Azure happens to be Microsoft's strategy.

Sainath S,

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