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I have 1.5 year exp in .net technologies, but I am not satisfied with my package. Want to do something different,which increase my package. Is it SAP is good for me or something else. Which is good in future. ??

Vishwas's Advice on Saturday, July 06, 2013 :
Looking for better compensation is not at all a bad thing but before you come to conclusion of dis-satisfaction with package, have you thought of following
1. What is the average salaries for similar experiences and profile?
2. What is your skill set? Are you expert/proficient in your programming area? How are your communication skills?

Many a times, there is feeling that there is better compensation in other areas may be some friends telling this but
that may not be always factual.The starting salaries may be lesser compared to what the experience can fetch and it could be case with you. Overall it is not easy to decide what is correct compensation but one can explore the information about average salaries available on some sites and make a quick check, 
Have you checked at your current organization about salary raise? This could be the first thing to do though it needs to be done very carefully and diplomatically.
If one aims for skill set and excellence, compensation may not be a botheration, In many cases, one has to have patience and perseverance and everybody gets the opportunities to prove.
Is compensation the criteria to think about SAP? Do you have any engineering or SAP experience? Do you have any liking for it?

So in a nutshell, 
1. it would be better if you, to negotiate at current organization and also understand the growth plans
2. though money is important, going after the skills and expertise  may fetch better dividends in the long run
3. changing the technology area shall be informed decision and interest or liking needs to be major deciders for such decisions.
4. be patient and it could be that right opportunities may be around the corner.

Hope this helps.

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