currently doing job but not satisfied

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currently working in software company from last five months, but still my technical skills is not up to that level which it should be, because there is no one to help me, everyone is busying in doing their job, i just do R&D to enhance my skills but dont think so that it is sufficient, but i always think what will happen when i switch the job, i am very confuse and frustated how to develop my soft skills, please help me sir

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, July 01, 2013 :

Surely this is challenging situation but you have taken a step in the right direction by seeking help.

Though this challenging but it is not rare situation as many organizations are into high speed software development and in such high speed arena, the training, orientation and mentoring needs might take the backseat. Many a times there are hardly to become mentor or buddy and help the freshers or new entrants. But is this end of world? Surely no. Definitely guidance and mentoring can help somebody to scale and learn efficiently but what matters is the self learning. Nothing can be taught but everything can be learnt. So there is absolutely no need to loose heart for learning on ones own.

Pl. think through on following points

1. Develop interpersonal skills so as to buy out time from seniors even though it mayn't be as straightforward.
2. Instead of thinking if what it should have been, focus on what is there? There may be ample time, good technologies around.
3. If you try to seek new job what is the guarantee you would get what you are looking for and thats why they say "KNOW DEVIL IS BETTER THAN UNKNOWN GOD"
4. Be realistic in assessing yourself, it may be that you are actually far better than you think. Mingling with peers having same experience could help you to understand where they stand.
5. Be patient, invest sincere efforts at work place, demonstrate professionalism, crave for work and it could turn to be best place for you.
6. If at all its closed door, then explore & research the jobs with utmost care and plunge only when you have far more surety of future work place rather than plunging out because of frustration or dissatisfaction at current work place as this may end up in feeling to run away resulting into unnecessary compromises. In a essence, an informed decision can be good decision.

Hope this helps.

Ankitsrist said on Monday, July 01, 2013

Thank You Vishwas Sir, Surely your Advice will Help me a lot, after reading your advice i am feeling very light and tension free :)

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