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Hi all,

This is regarding the Problem in my career.. Well I am a graduate from the field of Information Technology [Btech 2011].. I have been working as Junior .Net Developer in a small Organization till July 2012[For 7 Months].. After that I got this opportunity to Join a Renowned MNC but on Contract basis.. So From July Onwards I am working in that MNC.. But the Problem now is that My project is going to be completed and this company do not have any requirment related to ASP.Net.. So I need to move now but the problem now is that I am not getting any calls...
Currently I have total of 18 Months of Experience in technologies like ASP.NET,C#,SQL SERVER,AJAX,JAVASCRIPT,JQUERY,XML,TELERIK,HTML,CSS etc..

So My Question is how can I tackle this situation.. I am trying a lot but not getting calls may be due to my awkward location.. So Please Please Guide me...

Sheo's Advice on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 :
Dear Vishal,

Now a days, 18 months experience is not considered enough and many companies look for at least 2 years of experience. I would suggest to look for a small company and focus on getting very strong knowledge and experience. The money should be your second priority now.

In general, people are more attracted towards MNC but they do not understand pros and cons of it. I would recommend you to read this article on how to start software career.

Once you have very strong knowledge and experience and are under paid you may look for other companies.

Good luck!

Vishal2k13 said on Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Sheo Sir,

I was aware of the risk involved from the beginning; At the time of Joining I asked some of the very senior People in my concern.. They told that If you join there is lot of positive side involved..

1> You will get Brand Name.. So More frequent Job calls..

2> The resource/Learning scope in my previous organization was limited.. They were working in Oldest Technologies available in .Net//

3> The salary in my previous organisation was meagre..

4> There were chances that the MNC organization can hire me incase there is any extended requirment..

5> Since I was joining through 3rd party .. Chances were there that I would get another opportunity even if I lose this job..

6>At the End of the day My CTC will grow and this will give me better job opportunity which was not possible in the context of my previous organisation...

7> I could get access to better Job role and new technology in the MNC..

Based Upon these circumstances and my personal financial issues I switched the job; which was a failure as I have to PM kinda of role in my current company..

I accept everything you wrote in your article is all true and I entered the IT industry through Option 3 but I have no choice..

I know there are more chances that I will get hired due to my technical knowledge but the Question over here is Time Constraint..

Please Enlighten Me.

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