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Hi ,

I was a C,C++ developer for the past 4.5 years over the last 3 months in my previous company i got a chance to work on C# and WPF. My questions are :

1) What is prospects of C# and WPF?
2) Since i worked just for 3 months I want to read some more and build expertise on C# and WPF . Can you suggest some good reading materials or if video tutorials are there that should be great.
3) Should i give any certification exam ?


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, June 09, 2013 :

C# and WPF is a niche area. A lot of product development, particularly, in the financial world like products used in the stock market, are opting for WPF. Most desktop application / product development companies use WPF now. But you need to strongly specialize. At 4-5 years of experience this is the right time to do so. My suggestion to you would be to learn the below topics :

1. MVVM - this is a core design pattern if you are using WPF or Silverlight. Please check out the below links:

2. Point 1 is possible only if you are already well versed with GOF design patterns in general and MVC,MVP,etc. So please make sure that you are already well read in this area. Please check below link:

3. Make it a practice to check out the videos on the Microsoft site.

Sainath S,

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