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I am always being asked what challanges you have faced in your tenure with the companies you have worked or on the technical side.[Particularly dotnet ] As though i really donot feel anything in my career, how should i answer for this. i cannot say no i have not faced. there should be some smart answer right.

why do you want to skip from your current company - i would honestly say better role perspective and salary . Is this is a right answer . kindly guide me if i am going wrong.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, June 09, 2013 :

The best interviewers are the ones who ask scenario based questions. They do not usually take a memory test wherein core concept definitions are asked, which are the typical interview questions which most persons have become adept at cracking nowadays. The main test of a person's "applicable skills" are scenario based questions.

In the points you have stated, the interviewer is typically trying to gauge your practical experience. While it is humanly impossible to have experienced every practical problem in coding, you should atleast smartly tackle it listing down a common set of scenarios and how you would handle them in the event you actually faced any of the scenarios.

For e.g. say if you were to face a situation wherein a search screen was performing poorly, what set of actions you would do to fix it. In this case, you could try options at the database level and the application level (performance counters - Perfmon) . The point is - by giving a slightly open ended reply you are ensuring that the interviewer's interest is maintained in the discussion and you are actually leading him into asking you questions which are even deeper. All the time, you should be aware of how much you actually know to answer the questions at the next level of depth. Having said that, leading the conversation in this manner actually ensures that you are able to showcase your entire knowledge without making it very obvious.

Hope this helps.

Sainath S,

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