Career Advice for a .NET web developer. Please help.

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Hi, I am 5 years experienced in ASP.NET and C # ( web applications ). I want to know the future career prospects in .net for me, as opportunities in ASP.NET and C# are shrinking with a sea of developers for a single opportunity. I want to stick to .NET and need an advice on what Microsoft technologies i need to learn to standout in the crowd ( MVC, WCF, WPF, WWF, Sharepoint, jquery, Silverlight etc). I love coding and want to stick to it, hate managerial roles and activities. Want to be a technical architect. Keeping my experience, area of interest in mind and relevant latest technologies in demand, kindly advice what technologies should i learn. Also suggest some good source for learning the same. Please help, I am in a middle of mid career crisis. Awaiting your suggestions.

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 :

Keep calm. Don't love a specific technology so much that it could become a hindrance.  Perfect your core skills like algorithms, data structures, networking, os, distributed computing, ux etc.  Languages and technologies will keep on changing.

In fact you can be a even better .NET programmer (, wcf, wwf etc) if you learn some and apply concepts from other technologies and languages like nodejs, ruby, python etc.

Some thing to be extremely good at (the basics)

- Javascript (a thorough knowledge)
- jQuery
- Good RDBMS and nosql knowledge.
- Some good hands on knowledge at css3, html5 

For architectural role (spend some time daily) on
- Reading about different architectural systems and patterns
- Read and understand about scalability, caching etc.
- Understand and implement some log and exception management
- Apply design patterns and be good at it
- Estimation
- Understand performance engineering etc...

Rest will take care of itself.

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