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Dear Sir,
I am a BE (C.Sc) graduate on 2005, working in a small company for last 4 years. Before graduation I was having an experience of leading a Computer Training institute for 3 years, which helped me to get recognition from here, so I became TL within a year. As PM am working here for last 2 years. I was managing the team, planning the project architecture, DB design and plan, client interaction etc. Apart from this, I am the responsible for all the tech related activities in the Company for its BPO & ITES activities. Since more than a year am deviated from the programming, so forgotten most of the basic things.
Am not happy with my work here. Main reason is the package v/s responsibility and work load. Whenever I meet my friends who works in MNCs I feel ashamed.
I am now refreshing myself in the technology (Dot Net) & set myself 3 months time for this. I may be in a position of PM here, but I am thinking of re-starting my career as Sr. SD. I need your advice.

kapil's Advice on Friday, January 22, 2010 :

Grass is always seem to be greener on other side. You do not feel ashamed. You have been doing all work starting from team, project planning, architecture, DB design and client interaction. Sometime you have to invest to get this kind of expereinces. People in large MNCs may be getting good salary but they may not get beyond programming if-then loop. You may not get the over all exposure there. In MNCs, people get a very narrow veiw of applications.  So, do not get ashamed...

If you are good you will be recognized everywhere. You need to constantly updated on technology in this field whether you are PM or SD. We are paid for our intellectual capability and not for anything else. If we do not update we may get obselte.

Prepare and be ready but do not rush on making bad decisions because some of your friends showed you a rosy vision of outside world. Look at Job description and and you own priorities before deciding on job change.

Best of luck...

Whatever quenches my thirst is my "sea" ...  . It is big not small but which satify my aspirations is my type of company




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