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Hi ,
I have completed my bachelors in Information Technology in India,may 2012.After that I spent time for learning courses .NET, IELTS, testing tools. In the month of march i came to UK and now i am unable to understand for what sort of domain should i select either .Net or html,css,java script... I am more interested in .Net but I feel html/css is easy to code and solve . Moreover ,here in UK, recruiters are asking for at least one year commercial experience which i don't have. Now I am worried about my career whether to concentrate on .net or HTML/CSS.. If .NET is the option for me,in .net on which module should i concentrate either c#, asp.net , vb.net??? Please suggest me.

Vishwas's Advice on Saturday, June 22, 2013 :
You are in situation of good confusion. As you have mentioned you have choices for .NET, HTML/CSS and interesting fact is that these are essentially complimenting each other in Web/Internet technologies area. When one is occupied with web applications in .NET, is is impossible to do a good work unless one knows HTML, CSS, javascript. Also given the Microsoft technology road map for Windows 8, the HTML, CSS, javascript are vital ingredients. So these are important areas of programming, which one needs to inculcate sooner than later.
Regarding the need for one year commercial experience on .NET, the HTML, CSS, javascript with .NET would definitely be considerable unless it is specific to web designing than web programming
If you are considering the .NET, it would be good to be open for any of C#, asp.net, vb.net which would help generalizing the skills for .net rather than choosing one over other.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vishwas

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