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Hi Everyone,

i joined in small company as a fresher and i worked on .net for 2 months , now am made to work on biztalk server , am i going in right path ?? what is the scope for biz-talk developer in future. and what will be the salary for bizstalk developer ?? will it be fetched to my career as am fresher??

can any one please help me please

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, June 24, 2013 :
This is challenging situation and you have made a right decision to seek help. As a fresher, it might help not to 
be choosy about technologies though interest or inclination to something particular might help to acquire skills faster. May be the opportunities for Biztalk developer not equivalent to other .NET areas, it won't be the end of road. What could be more helpful is the skills acquired for particular area i.e. specialization and some generalization in other .NET arena. While working on Biztalk, skills on Windows Azure also help in the longer run so you can focus on generalizing the skills maintaining the focus on Biztalk. 2 months may be an early time to actually decide what is good and what is not and if the project is going to get over in next 3/6 months, there is always a scope for internal(within the company) change if company is providing descent compensation and scope 
for career growth.

Regarding salaries, one can search on Google to find out the results of salary surveys. These are generally based on big companies and though small companies may not figure on these, the information found could be indicative.

Hope this helps.

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