want a career growth after maternity leaves

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I am software developer having more than 2 years experience. After some days I have to take maternity leaves for 6-7 months.
I know after these leaves it will affect on my appraisals.
I am worried about my career growth. because I want to learn many new things. I want to change my current company, I want to go onsite.
But as we all know I need to take little more efforts to study and all.
Which technology I should focus? currently I am aware about asp.net c#, silverlight MVVM etc.

How the IT women manage these things? Is Freelance is better option? or any other options?

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, June 24, 2013 :
On the premise of 2 yrs of experience the gap of 6-7 months might sound bigger but if one looks at the entire career span of any professional, it is absolutely negligible. There might be immediate effect but in the long tern it would hardly matter. So stop worrying, chalk out plan for learning and upgrading yourself. As you have mentioned, it might take some extra efforts but the key would be to make a start. As you start and gain knowledge/skills, you would feel better and better and you may be able to see the further path in the journey. And this way
all energy could be focused on learning.

Hope this helps

Cheers, Vishwas

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