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hi i have 6 years career gap. i did bachler in computer science. i has 3 year exp in past. now i want to again go in IT. i had 1.5 years exp in .net. so what should i do? wi Microsoft certification help me to get back in carrer? and i want to do some project practise. is it available for practise? from where can i download??

Vishwas's Advice on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 :
With above information, following conclusions are deduced
1. You have 3 yrs of exp after 6 yrs of gap. So you have graduated before 9 yrs, right?
2. Out of 3 yrs of exp, you have 1.5 yrs in .NET

Additional information like following might have helped us to get more insights
1. What platform is the other 1.5 yrs experience?
2. Wen you say .NET , what programming language and what kind of application - despktop or web

First things first
1. Evaluate where you stand on .NET or it is going to be kind of fresh start
2. Awareness about the changes occured in last 6 yrs
3. Prepare for worst - i.e. be ready to loose the advanntage of 3 yrs of experience and start afresh
4. Explore and understand the current job expectations by talking to your friends, visit different websites or blogs
5. Decide the programming language and area of applications- desktop or web. Currently there are plethora of opportunities in Web. ASP.NET MVC is the hot topic and also HTML 5, CSS3 are futuristically important. 

Plan forward
1. Training- There are many good vidoes are available on Microsoft which can be seen for getting started.
2. Practices- Microsoft has made some great sample codes available which are really handy to understand programming constructs,  architecture and design.  This website and associated channels/ partners also offer wide knowledge base in the form of tutorials, forums, books and learning videos.
3. Certifications are royal way to garner knowledge but one has to make sure that it is not achieved through dumps
3. Explore job opportunities with current profile and also for fresher.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vishwas

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