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hello sir! now i am studying third year computer science engineering! i have interest in green computing! but i don't know the future of green computing! i am going to do a certification in green computing. my aim is protect and serve the nature! is it helpful for me? is it useful to get a job in MNC's? certification in this field is good or bad idea? plz guide me!

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 :


First and foremost, let us understand what green computing is all about. Nowadays, the term "sustainability" consistently appears in large contracts. It basically means that as an organization we need to follow certain best practices and guidelines which will ensure that the environmental impact of conducting business is reduced to a minimum. For ex. it could mean that we use lesser energy and potable water, etc. From the IT perspective, green computing is pervasive and there are specific practices to be followed in a data centre, etc.
While certification in green computing will certainly add value to your profile, I don't think in itself it can ensure career growth. All certifications help the overall profile and are not end points in themselves. Moreover, green computing is still a voluntary initiative for many organizations and still not a mandatory requirement although it may eventually become one. As I have said many times on this forum, if serving nature is an overriding passion for you and you are willing to go slow in the initial years of your career, it will typically work for you. However, if green computing is a trend which you are thinking of following, then it is not the best thing to go for.

Sainath S,

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