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Dear Member
I have 2.6 yrs exp of Microsoft .net ( Windows,SQL Server)

Q.: Which is the Most Required Microsoft certification for Developer?
Please Mention Certification Code Or No:
1) Windows C#:
2) Web Application C#:
3) SQL Server :
Thank You .

Vishwas's Advice on Sunday, July 21, 2013 :

The certification helps to widen the knowledge base and also can help improve the programming skills. As such, the word "required" doesn't necessarily apply for certifications as they are desired ones but not mandatory though.

To answer your question, planning to achieve for all would be good (although within sufficient time duration).

The priority could be be assigned based on your current exposure so if you are majorly in windows, it might
be better to plan for windows C# first as it would be easy and less time consuming to achieve this as you would
be quite comfortable because of your experience and exposure.

The web arena is really in demand and with advancement in internet availability and increase in the communication speed, web would attain more demand. So this could be your next target.

Once you achieve this, you can reevaluate the options. 

Hope this helps.


Arvsingh85 said on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you Sir

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