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I have got around 3 years and 7 months of experience in Technical Support in the international call centre. I am a BE graduate and completed by 2002 .I am much interested in Oracle Database and now want to become a Oracle DBA . But i dont have any experience in oracle . But i am confident enough but practically is it possible to switch over the Field . is there any startup companieswho can take freshers ? Please advice me

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, January 31, 2010 :
Yes, it is very much possible and I personally know people who have done exactly the same. But this depends on 2 things:

  • The organization where you work
  • How well you perform in your existing role and how well prepared you are for the role of a junior DBA to start with

As a Technical Support engineer you are part of the IT Service Delivery function which oversees the DB support tower as well. If the organization you work in is supportive in building peoples' careers they will definitely give internal resources a chance before announcing the opening in the open market. Else you have to take up a job in such organizations - there are many captive centres and offshore delivery centres where this is possible.

Lateral movement direction will be Technical support --> Junior DBA --> DBA

This will require some amount of patience, advance preparation (you will not have time to prepare when openings are announced - rather, you have to prepare and announce that you are ready for the role whenever it comes). I would say that indeed there is some degree of an entry barrier - but, once you have entered the  DBA space, maybe in a small capacity, it should be smooth sailing from that point onwards.

All the best !


Sainath Sherigar,

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