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Dear Sir,

I have been working as software engineer for the past 7 years with various multi national companies. Across companies, I worked with various skill sets. Say for example
first 3 years : c++, unix. But I always liked java and did certifications and just did my work as I am being paid.
next 1.5 year : java, c++ and sap, sql etc.
next 3 years: embeded c, linux, ethernet, IP etc.

Vishwas's Advice on Sunday, July 07, 2013 :
Believe me, this is very good situation to be in. Given the plethora of technologies you have, very few have this kind of skills etc. Though you may tend to think that you may not have requisite skill set of 7 yr experience in one of these technologies, actually you may have better knowledge of algorithms and frameworks because when one is needed to work across platforms, one needs very strong fundamentals and computing knowledge.

JACK OF ALL BUT MASTER OF NONE is better than being JACK OF NONE and MASTER OF NONE. Looks like you are poised by technical architecture -solution architecture--CTO path and when you are not inclined for management, you better choose technology. One can get may (people) manager but there is very limited availability of sound architects. The IT world is slowly realizing to the importance of architecture and also finding itself in difficulty to decide how much to  invest in (people) managers, so future could be brighter for tehcnologies i.e. management streams.

So with you background, experience and flair, technology stream could be good bet. Simulteneously you can focus on augmenting the education with MS(Software Systems), MTech, PhD' which could be done part time too which would help you in the long run,


Cheers, Vishwas

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