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I want to take some advice since I have around 10 years of experience and is working in US for some company in INdia.
The issue is that there is lot of partiality, politics in the company. I have been performing very well but due to partiality and politics,
the top brass puts me in below position then people who have lesser experience.

So, I am really not being able to show case myse

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, July 15, 2013 :
This is tricky situation and needs to be handled pragmatically. You have mentioned of the politics and partiality in the company. Did you inspect from the angle of top brass as what they are expecting and what you are up-to? Many a times we get a feeling that we are doing better the others but there might be some other dimensions which we may not be considering at all. Also does the lesser experience means lesser knowledge?

Workplaces have become more challenging now days as the focus is seen to be shifting from passion for technology and work to other aspects.

1. If there is possibility, pl. open a dialog with top brass and understand what are the expectations and what it would take you to next level
2. Even though there may not be the direct opportunities for you to showcase, there could be indirect opportunities where you can showcase you solution, architecture and design skills. This means you can think of better solutions, designs for current work and communicate with decision makers. Also you can ask for more responsibilities (which might spell more work) than currently you are carrying which can give you much needed window.
3. Could you augment your skills with certifications? e.g. for architect level, look for certifications and achieve those. This way you could focus on getting certified rather than the current situation in the company and once you achieve it, this may open some opportunities.
4. As you are on L1 and being transferred to H1, it could be better to wait till this is done unless the situation becomes totally
5. Maintain positive outlook and believe in your abilities and there could be better tomorrow. In such phase, it is also important to keep away from gossip so as not to allow the situation to be become more challenging. It could be better to transform the frustrations into more constructive activities like learning new technologies, improving on communication and inter personal skills

Hope this helps.

Adhar.Jain said on Friday, August 09, 2013

Thanks Vishvas and Sameer, that gives me a lot of confidence and I did had a word with top brass which assured me something.

There is lot of politics since there are people who are favoring their own people in the company.

There is all kind of politics "regional, groups already built, onshore/ offshore, old/new employees.". Though I do understand it exists everywhere but this is first kind of experience where there is no or hardly respect among people...

Sad thing is that, you see people who are less competitive and are getting up because of those politics and policies..

I have started reading and do plan to clear PMP/ CSM in coming days including strengthening myself on technical side as well..

I have been watching your videos and it is really very professional.

Keep up the good work and thanks for your suggestions.

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I will suggest that you should be ready with statistics at any time. I mean, you should have information with you like till now how many critical issues you have handled, how was your productivity, how your solutions were error free (in %), how and when customer has appreciated your work (with mails as proof).
All above things should be in numbers and with proofs wherever possible.

I don't assure that this will change mindset of people but at least you will have something to prove in front of them which would make them difficult to reject.

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