how to get into mnc from small software company

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hello, my name is sudheer.i'm from hyderabad. i'm a 2012 passed out. i got a job in a small software company in may 2013. i signed a bond for 12 months. my problem is my company do projects like school management hotel management and btech final year projects. my senior said that these projects dont have any value when you go to any mnc after one year. we use .net 4.0 framework. and i'

Rajesh's Advice on Sunday, July 21, 2013 :

Hi Sudheer,

First of all, stay away from anything negative.  Ignore your senior, in a polite way.  Remember one thing, whatever you do, whatever project you work on, small or big for school or for final year projects, has tremendous value.

It's up to you how you add value to the project, buy doing your best on each of your deliverable.  It's up to you, how much you research, study, apply best practices to these projects.  These may not be of any direct value to the end result, but the experience is worth every effort that you have put in.

Try to put better design practices, better coding practices, abstractions, loose coupling etc and all the essential goods in these projects.  In a way this is a good opportunity for you to try out various things..

Keep learning the following and update your skill set

-  Design Principles, OOPS, SOLID
-  Basic Patterns
-  UI engineering, javascript, jquery, angular js (but first master javascript)
-  ASP. MVC 3/4
-  ASP.NET 4 Webforms (Yes, they are still used, and will be used for some more time)
-  Sql Server
-  Read blogs, watch online conference videos, attend conferences, user groups.
-  Understand Unit testing, Integration testing.
-  Improve your communication skill (once again read blogs, watch videos, conferences, write etc)

Best way write a blog, share what you learned, post some tips, post some sample applications.  This will give you confidence.

Though the above is simplified, but you may need to burn some midnight oil to master these.  Spend some consistent time daily to improve part of this skill and over a period of time you will know this technologies like at the back of your mind...

All the best.

Rajesh Pillai

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