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Now a days lot of people speak about HTML5.

I am confused as when there are tons of editors/softwares to design extremely complex and media rich web pages, how can people use HTML for writing web page code?

Or is itis use is something altogether different than for developing web page?

Does it has that much demand? Will it hold value to have it as my skill set?

Vishwas's Advice on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 :

This is a good question. You can get yourself oriented with HTML 5 by reading through material available at If you deep dive for HTML 5, you would realize that the HTML 5 
1. is the next standard in HTML world
2. is more comprehensive and offer rich capabilities through canvas, media,webstorage etc
3. could eliminate (to some extent) need for extensive plugins for audio, video 
4. CSS is also enhenced 
5. would accelerate the shift in development paradigm as web applications would be very powerful
6. the availibility of current editors are no way going to be an impediment to any new advents in HTML
7. with all browser supporting HTML 5, it won't be any surprise if it becomes de facto.
8. as it has happened for prior HTML standard, eventually HTML 5 would be the ruling
9. the IDE's like VS 2010 and 2012 already supports the development of HTML 5
10. would create need for developers to be more aware of client side scripting, CSS than what is needed now

In a nutshell, it could be a game changing standard and as usual "the early the better" which means the ones who start early can be ahead of the game and also gain early bird advantage.

Hope this helps.


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