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I am totally 9yrs of experience, around 6yrs in dotnet 2 platform. I havent worked on WCF/MVC kind of latest skills.
In my last company for 3yrs, i have worked on Datawarehousing projects. Mainly in Informatica tool.
As I have less experience on ETL, is it adviced to continue in that or to move back to dotnet?

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, July 29, 2013 :
This is an interesting question There are many guys from .NET world who want to switch to D/W but
don't find the right opportunities and yours case is exactly oppotsite.

Anyway, brainstorm on following
1. Do you have inclination to .NET or informatica D/w tool?
2. Do you fear that even becoming an expert in informatica would also shrink the job opportunites for you as a whole expecially on .NET?
3. What is the career progrssion path in D/w compared to .net?
4. Are you satisfied with remuneration or it is going to be better in .NET arena?

Answers to above question can help you to decide further. Sometimes it may be good to go with the flow.
Whatever you choose, it is better to be in touch with what you are not doing on day to basis e.g. if you are in .NET, you can keep in touch with D/w and vice versa.

Hope this hepls.


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