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I have done my graduation and MBA in correspondence and have 4 years of work experience in a small IT company. Now when I am going to apply for big companies, they are asking for regular graduation. Recently, I have cleared all the rounds in a good MNC, and before giving offer letter, they asked about my graduation. when I told it's not regular, they did not release the offer letter.

I want to know whether all the big and medium IT companies do not take candidates, who have done graduation through correspondence ? This is quite disappointing that, I can never go for big MNCs or even any medium companies.

Any information on this is highly appreciated.

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Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 :

Every large IT company will have a strong HR department with it's pre-defined selection process. It is indeed unfortunate that while you may clear all the technical rounds and actually be marked as a good candidate for the job, you may still not be offered the job since graduation done by correspondence may not fit with the HR policy of the said organization. Quite possibly this is what has happened in the current organization.

However, do not lose heart. I also want to challenge your thinking of assessment of job opportunities. The important point is not what is the size of the company you are working in - yes, it is important from the perspective of policies, benefits, etc but it is not necessary that you will always land up with a strong role in a large company. The reason is - there are many others waiting in queue before you for the coveted role. The IT field itself is a great leveller in the sense that the person who has the best skills and common sense usually succeeds. Graduation by correspondence, falling sick during a critical examination and not meeting the 1st attempt clause, not securing first class throughout your career, all these are temporary hurdles which can be crossed and you will see enough examples for yourself if you just do some amount of investigation.

The fact that you cleared all the relevant technical rounds means that you are skilled enough for the job, full stop. I don't think that there should be any self-doubt in your mind in this regard. While there might be some companies whose HR policy may not allow you to join them, I am sure there are many other companies looking for skilled people like you. You just need to be a little open-minded when looking for a better ROLE. Try to seek a better role in the next job that you take up. Any job role that seems easily achievable should not be chosen, rather, there should be a minimum degree of uncertainty and fear in your mind about the role - facing the fear of the unknown is mandatory for growth.

Please check the below link as well - it should provide food for thought.

Sainath S

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 :

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