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I have 5 yrs experience in asp.net,sql,vb.net,c#,crystal reports and i stay in mumbai..... I love coding and I think i will not like any other career than this .....Only thing i can't sit in front of computer for longer hours ...I want a 9 to 5 job in software with no latesittings and no working on saturday .Can you suggest me options so as which companies i should be appying to.I don't mind getting lesser pay for this.

Vishwas's Advice on Thursday, August 22, 2013 :
IT industry has been evolving for couple of decades and with lack of standardization, unpredictability for nature of work, business push, need of overlap with US, Europe & other clients, mismanagement,want of more and quick money etc, the development paradigm is characterized for long hours in the office, need of stretch for development activities. Hence 9 to 5 job is distant reality for most of the organizations in this field though there could be sizable no of organizations where this is reality. Also where the nature of jobs is more related with stereotype activities like business analysis, stipulated support and customization needs, service orientation, there could be more possibility of controlled time slots. You may want to search for product based, process oriented or niche development organizations through job portals, recruitment agencies etc. Also you can get additional details from HR departments.

On the side note, when you say you love coding, it shall also spell that you would go that extra mile and ready for stretch for doing what you love, So you would want to brainstorm that being very hardliner on the time restriction could be impediment to  career progression or not?

Hope this helps.

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Nice question and excellent answer :)


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