Different Job Streams in IT

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Can you give a detailed information on various IT related jobs and its required qualification those which does not fall under
development, coding and business Analyst.

Santhana LakshmiV

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 :

There are many areas of specialization which one can choose from:

1. DBA - database administrator
 The basic job role is to do database house keeping

2.  Data architect
This is an exciting role - it involves designing the entire data solution from the data warehousing and Big data perspective for an organization

3. Service desk roles
Ranging from team leader, transition manager to service delivery manager, from the application development perspective this is more of a maintenance profile involving less of coding

4. Testing
Once again, there are many areas of specialization available ranging from manual / functional testing to performance testing which is also a complex field

5. Data security and compliance
This is the area in which data security experts - CISO (Chief Information Security officers), IT auditors, etc operate. This role does not involve coding but does require a very high level of knowledge in the area

6. Usability 
This has more to do with the user interface of the application

There are many more specialized roles, what you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears open and figure out what suits you best and aligns with your style of thinking, working, etc and take a call accordingly.

Sainath S,

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