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I'm currently working as software developer.I've .net experience for 3 years. I want to update myself with the latest technologies i.e wcf,wpf,mvc..... I want to join course for the same but my office timings don't seem to match.
I' m confused, so can you guide me with the same ?

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 :

You will always face this challenge. Infact, everyone in the IT field faces the same challenge but some of us manage to overcome it by self-discipline, some degree of will power, etc. What you basically need to do is to work out how much time you have in hand outside of the office timing i.e. travel time, weekend time. Also you need to ask yourself what is the level of your commitment. This means that you may need to skip some social interactions to ensure that you progress on the skill upgradation path.

In the second half of the advice posted in the link below, I have suggested a methodology using which you can sucessfully plan and target learning new technologies. Please refer the same.

Sainath S,

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