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I am graduate in Production Engineering with 3.5 yrs. of experience in the same field.

My academics is not good,there are few year downs,but have 64% in the final year of engineering.

I am willing to get into software field ,so i want to know will it be a wise decision,if yes then which platform should i must opt for ORACLE,JAVA,.NET.

Is there a age barrier for shifting to so

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 :

At the outset, let me say that there is no age barrier as such for entering the software field. It is purely a skill oriented field, where real work speaks for itself.
Having said that, no stream is immune to economic realities and the same is applicable to the software stream also. In the current scenario, the demand is on the lower side and supply is definitely higher. People succeeding in changing jobs are usually the persons who are highly skilled, possess the right attitude, etc. From what you have mentioned, you are just starting out. I would suggest that you commence experimenting and understanding .Net, Java and figure out for yourself how comfortable you feel working in this field and how strong is your passion is for coding. This is critical - if your passion level is high, it will sustain you through the ups and downs of economic cycles and also ensure that you succeed in the long term. Please ensure that you don't consider the change of stream only as a better job prospect option.

Sainath S,

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