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I am working in Government dept on meddle level supervisory rank and my academic back ground is science, I have did some capsule course in VB6 , VB.Net and ASP.Net programming from NCRB. after doing these course which were all together a 45 days means 200 hrs course. after doing these courses I involve so much that I started exploring all the venue to master my self in VB.Net programming in limit

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 :

It is indeed good to know that you have a genuine interest in programming and have already built utilities for your organization. The important thing I would like to say at this point is, continue doing it, the more you code the greater will be your level of interest to learn more.

If your goal is to just learn VB.Net in detail then there are many online courses available.
If you are interested in learning Asp.Net using C# you can probably take up the below online course as well.
Alternatively, like many fellow programmers you can buy a good book and learn from it by the way of self-study. 
For certification, you can plan to complete any of the available Microsoft certifications, please check the below link
The certification exams are usually multiple choice exams which need to be given at a Prometric center.

Apart from this. I would suggest that you learn C# if possible and OOAD (object oriented analysis and design) along with it.
There are 2 ways to learn coding, one is to learn a language and build applications. For the initial stage, this is okay. But as we become proficient in a language, the bigger priority should then shift towards developing software engineering skills and better software development practices. That doesn't mean that you need to enrol for an engineering course. The idea is to look upon the programming field as an engineering discipline and commence learning accordingly. With this perspective, I would suggest that you also focus on understanding C#, OOAD (object oriented analysis and design), etc. 
Please cheak out the below link

Also keep working on the GOI projects where you get a chance and build on that. You never know where this will lead to in the long run. In my experience, I have seen a person becoming an expert programmer in the EDP section of a bank, eventually moving on into creating full-fledged banking applications and finally moving on into a completely different, high-paying career based on his core skills in programming and IT. That is the beauty of the software development field, if you are highly skilled, there is no shortage of opportunities for you.

Sainath S,

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