Will u help me to get a job in s/w company as a programmer

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I am Harika..By this Dec 2013 i will complete my M.Tech in Computer science.But i completed my B.tech(cse ) in 2008.Since 2008 to 2011 i worked in engineering colleges as Assistant Professor.
But i want to get into software industry..i dont have any real time experience.. I am interested in .net programming.
>>shall i learn any courses?
>>what are the steps that i hav to take now?

Vishwas's Advice on Sunday, November 10, 2013 :
Hi Harika,

It would have helped if you could have spelled the thought process for moving to programming career.
Anyway, your education for B.Tech and M.tech shall be sufficient enough for starting career in programming though the industry trend is not to weigh the teaching experience. In the long run, this difference would fade away though.
You can start applying for opening for fresher's  and simultaneously think of short term courses which are supposedly inculcates industry readiness. The courses on .NET framework, C#, ASP.NET shall definitely help to acquire the essentials. There are many institutes which offer those and you may want to evaluate with information from friends, institutes, alumni of such institutes. There are courses like DAC (which are long term) which help lay a solid foundation for programming career and such professional are looked with respect and also are more job ready.

So based on your time window and also financial ability, you can choose any of above mentioned courses.

Hope this helps.

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