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hello sir, as i am june 2013 passout in computer science.
currently i have joined a company in noida delhi.its is basically a E-learning multimedia related company but also has a seperate software development and website development department total of 25-30 develpores team.
i have joined here as a trainee in software dept for training period of 3 mnths.
but problem is that they r not paying me

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, November 25, 2013 :

Dear friend,

Yes, going by your description of situation, it is challenging though something to not to feel disheartened. Sometimes unfortunately, one may have to go such unwarranted situation. You have mentioned
that you are not paid for salary when the organization shall have. Have you communicated and tried to know the reason for not getting paid for? It is important to know the reasons and also next plan to decide about staying there or not.

Also looks like organization is waiting for some project to arrive and you are probably put on bench. This situation is not rare in the industry but what one ends up doing in that situation is going to matter. So the best way forward could be
1. Be positive and don't lose heart
2. Open a dialog with management about the salary and next plan
3. request for some test assignments or source code from the leads/ managers
4. Down load and study the code samples related to the work
5. open a communication thread with your friends and intimate them that you are looking out for opportunities
6. Start applying 

Hope this helps and ALL THE BEST.


Sharmagoldi781 said on Monday, November 25, 2013

thanks..problem is not that they r not paying me.but i am not getting anything to learn at i am on training period..thats the main concern..

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