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hello sir, as i am june 2013 passout in Electronics.
currently i have joined a company.its is basically a Web desiging company.i already learned php but now our company started to work on Andriod or ios they are give the oppurtunity to work with ios or Andriod teams.As a fresher i dont know about these two fields so plz suggest which one is better.which platform gave more oppurtunities in future

Deeraj's Advice on Saturday, March 29, 2014 :

Hi Shamililankey,

Android is an open source. I would suggest to go with this one. IOS is on the other hand an OS from Apple that is not open source as per my knowledge. If you an opportunity to work with both that would be awesome!

Good Luck!



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Posted by: Goud.Kv on: 4/26/2014 | Level:Gold | Status: [Member] [MVP] | Points: 25
Hello Shamililankey,
Selecting 'Android' or 'IOS' application development basically depends on your interest because, Android uses Java as platform to develop apps where as IOS depends on Objective C.
So figure out first which is the platform that knows you better or even atleast minimum knowledge on it.

If these two are new to you, then i will suggest you to go to Android because it is an open source.
Even I learnt Android application development. So hope you can learn developing apps in Android easily.

All the Best Shamili !

Thank you,


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