Almost 2 years Exp in DOTNET Field?

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Hi ,

As i started my career as trainee on 28th March 2012 , then i permanent on 17th August 2012 . So total "5- months worked as Trainee". then from 17th august 2012 to till date i working as Permanent employee . so total "1.4 months" experience as permanent employee.

Trainee - "5- months worked as Trainee".
permanent employee- "1.4 months" experience".

Vishwas's Advice on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 :
       Greetings of the day!!! You seem to have good thinking brain and have put up a lot of content.Being confused at nascent stage of career is normal as the world of profession has just opened for you. Yes, in the current scene where there are plethora of technologies, it is not an easy task to make a choice though it may be important to keep a tab on what one wants to do and what would be the better choice?
       GENERALIZATION WITH SPECIALIZATION is the key for building skill set. One needs to good at many things but best at at least one thing. In your case, it seems that you are wandering through Biztalk, sharepoint and that is good though you might get benefited if you focus on learning .NET framework and any language of your choice e.g. c#,
       As you are on free pool, you can study the sample code from MSDN and also watch learning videos so that you end up utilizing your time well and also probably discover what you like and what you are good at.
       You have also mentioned about your desire to become UI designer but haven;t mentioned what are the reasons for you trying to get into designing. Are you good at designing and have some background? The course can help to refine and augment but there needs to some  penchant and also burning desire. Generally professionals with background on arts (painting, drawing etc) emerge as designers but this doesn't mean there is no scope for others. What is important here to have flair.
       The better way would be to learn fundamental programming skills and focus on  HTML 5 ,JQuery. Doing course can benefit only after having such good fundamentals. Also there is no need to make hurry as it takes time to learn the skill, consolidate.
       Hope this helps.


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