Change in career from BPO to IT... is it possible?????

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This is Deepak from Bangalore. I am a BCA graduate, I have 3.5 years exp in BPO industry(International Voice), now I am looking for change in my career, I would like to work as a system administrator or data base administrator. I also completed my CCNA course, I have good knowlegde about computers. Last week I uploaded my resume in different job portals unfortunately I haven't got any interview calls till now, so am very much worried about my career. Is it possible to switch from BPO to IT???? I would be thankful if somebody can provide me any suggestions, advises and tips for me to get a job as system admin/Database Admin.
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Deepak Dinakaran.

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, June 14, 2014 :

1 week is too short a time period to expect any response, particularly when the market is moderate. It is very much possible to switch from a BPO job into IT - but please do not expect to land into a administrator job straight away. You will need to start as a network engineer and gradually build on it.

There are many examples of people who have switched from BPO into IT.

Sainath S,

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