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Hello Sir,

I am B.E.(I.T) from Bhavnagar University in Gujarat nad for last semester academic Training had come in Rishabh Software Pvt Ltd.- Baroda(Gujarat) having strength of about 400 employees. At the End of Training in june 2008 was recruited as a Management Trainee and currently am Software Engineer in the same Company.

From last 9 months am working for quite a good Project with ERP domain. In the beginning when I was put to work for this project we were only 4 team members- so had lot of work to do as its Time and Money project.
Now with the new version team members have reached to 10 with 7 of them as my seniors designation and out of project experience wise.

From approx last 3 months am almost remaining idle.

I request to let me know my next immediate step.. since Project is quite good so that I can improve my career.



Sainath's Advice on Sunday, February 21, 2010 :
Hi Jaimini,

Firstly, you are lucky that you got a good break and quality work in your 1st job itself. But you need to build on it - sitting idle for 3 months is a strict no-no, particularly in the IT space. ERP is vast, if you are planning to specialize in this area there is no reason why you should not try and build your skills. Ask your reporting manager to assign you challenging work - and ask repeatedly without pestering. Analyze the project you are in and try to figure out what specific assignments are likely to come up and what skills are needed and learn the same if you have time on hand.

You will only be judged based on the results you produce so make sure you produce enough good results.


Sainath Sherigar,

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