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Hi, I am a .net developer 4 years of exp. I am doing distance MBA, and want to become a project manager in future. what things should I do/follow in terms of getting certification or acquiring skills to achieve this ambition. Also will distance MBA adds any value to my profile?

Vishwas's Advice on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 :

Let me congratulate you for deciding what you want to be and this is actually the first step in achieving what you want to be. Ideally any role would require certain competencies and skills. Yes academics, education and experience of course are important but eventually they shall result into into skills. So it is better to focus on what skills might be needed for being a true project manager.

Some of them can be following (it can be debated endlessly though)
1. Planning and scheduling - includes creating WBS (Work breakdown structure), estimation
2. Prioritizing, executing and control
3. Organization and delegation
4. Leadership skills- lead by example, motivation, eye for details, quality & productivity
5. Stakeholder management
6. Calmness and composure

Also instead of type of education like distance or full time, what would be more important is the way one does such education. If there is focus, dedication, purpose any education would help to impart the skills.

As a side note, it may be also important to neglect the daring examples of project managers who are neither good managers nor good professionals and still surviving.

Hope this helps.


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Well said Vishwas. "As a side note" statement is very true !
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Hi Tusharthakare,

Its nice to know that you have a certain goal in mind on where you will be heading in the near future. This clarity on career is extremely important to move on to next level and shine.

If your inspiring to become a project manager, I would advice the following on your current role:

1. See what your current job responsibilities are.
2. See if any of the project management activities can be practiced within your role and within yourself. This will be the starting point. Most of the organizations dont promote first and then see you in action, It is what your a capabale of on your current job responsibilities is what counts.
3. See how well you manage the following to get started. This is not a consolidated list, but should you get started. This will only help you take next step as you practice:

1. Time management
2. Ability to motivate yourself.
3. Communication - Oral and Written
4. Risk Management - What if you were not able to deliver your tasks on time? If you were a manager, how will you handle the situation.

Qualifications and Certifcations add to your abilities. They donot drive your abilities. A manager who is highly qualified and has sever certifications may not be as effective as a manager with minimal qualifications.

Last but not the least, see how your manager manages your project. Learn all the good things of managing a project while leaving behind ones that you dont like. Think on the lines, if I were the manager, I would have done much better.. (think about how you will do things better..)

Hope this helps to get you started.

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