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Respected sir,

At present I am working as a "Software Engineer" at Vadodara, Gujarat. I would like to get an advice from your experts that, what is the next step for me with my career, because current CTC is very low for me and I would like to change with the appropriate options. Please I request to give advice for me. It is require to know any other technologies at this stage. I have knowledge about ASP.NET,C#,VB,Ajax, Web Service. Is there any requirement to learn more things then let me know as early as possible.

Deeraj's Advice on Saturday, March 15, 2014 :

Hi Samirbhogayta, Please do a honest self assessment on your skills and capabilities. What went wrong, What went right, areas of improvement. If you are convinced that you do possess all skillset, capabilities and you have been doing a great job then I would recommend you to discuss with your manager. Bring up all your achievements (these are not your job responsibilities. These are some of the challenges that you addressed). If things don't turn your way then probably switching to a new company is the only option. As far as learning new technologies is concerned, while I don't suggest you to get on to it. But, I would certainly recommend that you try to improve on your current technology whilst exploring new technologies during your leisure time and constantly keep your manager posted on your new skillsets so that you can transition slowly. I would suggest you to explore Business Intelligence related technologies. Good luck! Cheers, Dheeraj.

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