Career options for 8 year exp .Net developer

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I have nearly 8 years of experience in software industry.
I have been working for single company all through these years as .NET developer. Since we have inhouse tools we dont use latest features of .NET.
So I dont have good exposure on .NET technologies.
Now I am planning for a change with non technical stream. I am not interested in technical side any more and dont have opportunities in my current company.

Can somebody provide me practical\timeframed suggestion on different career option that I can look for now?


Deeraj's Advice on Saturday, March 22, 2014 :

Hi Gdnew, It seems the only concern that you have is you haven't had an opportunity making your hands dirty on the latest technologies.

My question would be did you ever try learning new technologies on your own. This is a common problem across the industry and in my experience I have seen lot of engineers looking for opportunity to work on new technologies on job. The chances of this happening are very less, unless there is a business need, this is never going to happen. But, if you are really passionate on new technologies you should certainly have to lose some of your personal time to keep yourself update on the latest technologies..


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