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Hello Sir,
I'm an Android developer.I have 2 years of working experience in Android application.I have mostly developed application related to web-services,GPS and multimedia.Now I want growth in my level of coding as I mostly work on Application and framework layer.I want to work on drivers,kernel layers.My question is how to get better knowledge about this and how should I change my profile Android application developer to android embedded developer.
Thank You

Deeraj's Advice on Saturday, March 01, 2014 :

Hello Dilipchaudhary90, 

1. Talk to your manager in your current company and enquire about projects that need an embedded developer. If there are projects, discuss with your manager on your ambition to become an embedded developer. If the company provides any training on embedded software development, leverage it. 

2. On the other hand, attend training by yourself and at your own expenses. Utilize the lab to a maximum extent, I would suggest you perform practicals for extended hours. Google and find out realtime problems faced by developers and try to solve them as part of your practicals. If you were successful, post your solution on the web. Try resolving as many issues as you can. Not many of these can be resolved may be due to unavailability of infrastructure but should help you get started. 

3. Highlight your resume not from a realtime project experience perspective, but from your abilities to resolve realtime issues. This helps recruiter know that you are very keen on becoming an embedded developer and might offer you a position. 

Good Luck! 

 - Dheeraj.

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