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I am having around 11 years of experience in IT and in that around 7 years I worked on .Net,later on I moved to ITSM(IT Service management,ITIL) and working on the tools related to ITSM(like Oblicore,HP AM etc).Now I am techlead in a MNC and working in a client location as a developer. Now I am really confused on to what carrer path I need to choose as I can't go back to .Net(since I left it 4 years back) and from the tools(ITIL tools) perspective if I see I really don't know what all the levels(roles available for me ) in the market after techlead.
I am ready to take up any certifications etc but really don't know how to proceed with my career.I need an advice.


Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 :
Hi Vasupradad4,

The sad part of Indian IT is that people work based on roles/positions and not based on what they like.  I would request you to chart out a detailed analysis based on the kind of work you have done, you are doing and the work you wish to do in future.

Evaluate where you will like to spend time working on and then take a decision.  Don't worry about positions like lead, manager etc.  Those are secondary. 

But if you like to know the roles in market it will be tech lead, then may be project lead, project manager (in case you take that route) OR tech architect, architect, solution architect, if you take the technical route.  These roles vary from company to company.

But if you plan to take the development route, spend time on
- mastering the foundations 
- patterns
- application security
- web scalability
- ux
- performance tuning
- etc

and then go ahead with some additional certifications like PMP or some microsoft certifications or in future TOGAF in case you like doing architectural work.

There are lots of choices, but you have to get the basics absolutely right.

Wishing your best!

Rajesh Pillai

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