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I'm student, 4th year on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, Macedonia and want to start to work but have problem how and where.One problem is: have passed more than 30 different examines mean software and hardware and find interest in bout and second problem : have no experience.Could you tell me please where to search for job which aloud me to work and study.I'm good in C,C++,C#,web design.Know Perl,Java..Just don't know how to start

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, February 21, 2010 :

It is natural to be confused at this stage when your career is yet to take off - you may be interested in multiple things and may find it difficult to choose. It is important to identify what will keep you interested in the long-term - do you find programming interesting? Do you lose track of time when you work in C,C++,C# - if yes, then you can enter the software development area. Of course, you must also possess good logical thinking abilities to be able to do well in software. Let gaining quality experience be your key criteria when choosing which job to take up - this will help you a great deal in the long term and ensure that your career starts off correctly.

My opinion may be biased since I am also in the software domain - but I feel that there is greater creative satisfaction in building new software. Having said that, if you find the hardware area more challenging, go for it.

It is good to know that you would like to continue studying even after taking up a job - this attitude is mandatory if you wish to succeed in IT. However, unless you take up a part-time job ( not sure whether part-time is possible / available in IT where overtime is the rule) , I don't think it will be easy to continue formal education at the same time.

Everyone starts off with 0 experience - no one is an exception to the rule, but you have to start somewhere, approach your assignments with an open mind, maintain a good attitude and keep learning.

Rule No.1 : Work more than what you are paid for

Rule No.2 : Deliver more results than what your employer expects you to, volunteer to take up new responsibilities all the time, and ensure that every new assignment is something that you have never done before and will force you to struggle and learn.

Final point - if you are good at C and C++, there is no language in software that you cannot master as C, C++ is the foundation. C# (Microsoft) and Java(SUN) are competing technologies and you need to make a choice now itself which one you would like to pursue based on your interest.


Sainath Sherigar

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