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Hello Everyone,

First of all thanks to all the founders/creators/existing members of for creating such a beautiful place.

I have done my Diploma in Electronics, and i have 9 yrs of experience in C,C++,Unix,Linux,Protocol Development, Mediation etc,. And i am completing my B.Tech simultaneously(right now i am in my 4th year). My basic problem is the work environment in my company, it's getting worsened day by day. There's no planning/estimation of work, they dump work on us and want to complete it overnight. Also i find no growth, knowledge/salary wise. To my bad luck recently my PM asked me to tell my decision on continuing in the company. I am ready to work 9 to 9 but i am not satisfied with the way the work is going on.

So, i want to move to another company with this experience. But i don't have a degree, i think it will take around 2 years for completion of B.Tech if i continue with this company. It may take around 1 year if i choose some other company where i can get time to complete my degree.

Now i am in a state of confusion whether to continue with the same company, taking all the pressure/scoldings/unplanned-work, or to shift to another company. To my knowledge i think i have following ways:
1.) Get out of the current company, if possible get a job in another company.
2.) Get out of the current company, complete my degree and then start my career in another company.

Can companies take candidates with a gap of 1 year? As i am a resident of hyderabad, i want to be placed here, Will there be any C/C++ opportunities here in hyderabad. Please review my query and help me in choosing best advice.

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 :
Hi Rajesh,

Getting a degree will always be a good idea from a long term perspective, so your first priority should be that.  The good thing is you are already working and that will be a great help in the long run.

Give more important to your study and find a job may be with less salary, but more flexibility (I know its rather easy said than done).

Also, never stick with one technology. C++ is definitely good, but look out for mobile development, web development, databases as well as that is were more opportunities are.  As long as your foundations are good you will be in a position to work on any technology.  What matters is solving business problems and languages and platforms are just a means to an end.

Rajesh Pillai

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Thanks for the reply...

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