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I have 6+ years of experience in IT. I worked as a java developer for a product company and recently moved to a service based company. I got married recently. Its pretty tough for a woman to manage work along with family. Din't face this problem earlier as I could focus, learn new stuff, be competent with this ever demanding IT industry. But now my job has become extremely stressful with my health on a toll. I have not been able to decide what to do. To worsen the situation, I am not able to adjust with the work timings of my new company as we are supposed to work according to the time zone of client. I have resigned. But I can't sit idle at home, I want to understand what would be possible career options for me. I have a BE degree in CSE. I want to choose a career that would help me manage my work and personal life. I am lately thinking of teaching at school/college, if so what is the criteria, is B.Ed mandatory? Not really sure of compensation & other benefits of this field, but I have always love mentoring & training juniors in my company.

Or Can I move into testing in a product development company with development background?? Reason for shifting from dev to testing is, I cannot spend much time to be competent in dev field. Testing is no easy, but I feel I am a logical person with good analytical, quick grasping and debugging skills. Kindly advice. I am extremely confused. I am sure there are lot of women out there who would love to continue their career but quit due to family & IT constraints!

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 :
Greetings Rammy,

Teaching is a good option.  Since you have a BE, you can teach in junior college. In case you are planning to teach in school, I think B.ED will be required (but am not absolute sure on this).  But, then if you need to move ahead you need to do a Masters degree as well.  But starting with Junior college will be a great stepping stone.

Some other alternative you can try out.  Pick an area, mobile development, web development and try out freelancing. Build up a portfolio website and to start with do some small projects.  You can do this along with teaching as well as that will help you keep up with technology.

All the best for your career.

Rajesh Pillai

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